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Jennifer, Beaven and Piper Hike Refuge-to-Refuge in the Haute Savoie

Refuge de La Flegere - Chamonix

Beaven and Piper (lower right) on the descent to Praz-Coutant.

Piper at the Cascade de la Pleureuse

Beaven and Piper on the decent to Praz-Coutant

Refuge de La Flegere - Chamonix

La Cascade du Rouget

Starting at the wonderful La Cascade du Rouget, “The Queen Of The Alpes” (commune Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval) Jennifer, Beaven and Piper began their three-day rando through the Houte Savoie going from refuge-to-refuge.  The terrain near Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval is stunning.  The starting point was the Auberge De La Cascade Du Rouget – a family restaurant powered by a large diesel generator since no power lines extend up that far into the mountains from Sixt. (click HERE for good photos from

La Cascade du Rouget (click for larger image)

Auberge De La Cascade Du Rouget (click for larger image) (photo credit of the Auberge to the Famille Deplace blog.)

Scenery in Sixt

Refuge Sales:

( link HERE)

The initial hike was about two and a half hours from the start at Le Cascade de Rouget, ending up at the first refuge – Refuge Sales.  Refuge Sales holds a maximum of 60 people (reservations required!), is situated at an altitude of 1877 meters and is supplied wuth approximately 900kg of goods by helicopter three times per season. DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE NATURE RESERVE – even on a leash.  Fines are levied for violations of the rule! No cellular phone coverage.

Refuge Sales

Refuge de Platé

( link HERE)

The next stop was the Refuge De Platé at 2,032 meters. This refuge is smaller, with space for 35 people (reservations required!). No showers due to the lack of water at their location. Two female donkeys (Nanette and Fifine) live at the shelter. The site is unique as a high-altitude karst (limestone pavement). Animals include ibex, chamois, marmots, bearded vultures and fox.

Some photos:

Refuge de Platé

Vue de la Portette coté Sales
(click image for larger version)

Refuge de Platé


From the Refuge de Platé, the final 2hr 30min hike was to Praz-Coutant, a tiny mountainside village just above the small town of Passy.

Photo Gallery:



  1. So happy you got to spend time in Haute Savoie! The girls and I truly loved Chamonix, Les Aguilles Rouges and the whole valley beneath Mont Blanc, can’t wait to go back!

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