Posted by: ankneredelstein | July 16, 2009

Tour De France Through Saint Cyprien 2009

Tour De France:

101_3407 (Large)

We didn’t know it at the time we planned our trip, but one stage of the 2009 Tour De France was scheduled to pass right through St. Cyprien and Elne while we were there!  I visited the local McDonald’s early one morning before they opened (they open at 10:00 AM…no early-morning drive-through sandwiches for the French in Latour-Bas-Elne) sat outside to scarf the free WiFi and looked up the tour schedule and routing plans.  We then decided to spend the morning at the beach, then walk the two short blocks to the tour route through the middle of town.

101_3403 (Large)We picked a cozy spot in the grassy median right on the road (you could literally reach out and touch the riders if you were crazy enough), plopped our chairs down and waited for the “caravan” of sponsor vehicles to pass by, tossing out promotional t-shirts, hats, newspapers, coupons, toys and other goodies to the excited crowd. The riders came through in waves too fast to comprehend, wizzed-by and were gone.  Very cool.

Photos below:
(click images for larger versions)


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