Posted by: ankneredelstein | July 13, 2009

Fete Des Ecoles – Fontaines, France 2009

Beaven - Age 9 "Tweeting" in France

Beaven - Age 9 "Tweeting" in France

The year-end “Fete Des Ecoles” (school festival) for the elementary school in the village of Fontaines is a busy affair held on the Saturday before school finishes for the year. In some ways, the festival is similar to those we might have in the U.S., and in other ways, quite different. Each class has an outdoor stage presentation to perform, and the grounds of the public park in the village host face painting, game stations with prizes, french fries, donated cookies, cakes and sweets to buy, cases of wine from the local wine maker (buy it by the glass or by the bottle!), beer, tons of picnic tables and benches, DJ music, parents, grandparents, babies, brothers, sisters, kids running wildly around squirting each other (and parents) with squirt guns and a raffle prize drawing at the end! Parents buy game tickets the kids can use to try their hand at different game stations around the park, and the kids come away with stashes and stashes of toys, rub-on tattos, trinkets, baubles and other goodies.

Emma - Age 7 painted for the Fete!

Emma (Piper) - Age 7 painted for the Fete!

Everyone brings a picnic and enjoys a bottle of cremant, white or red wine, rose wine or (as we tried for the first time) rose wine with a dash of grapefruit juice.(quite nice!) with friends and fellow school parents. The “Spectacles” are presented by the kids throughout the afternoon and fun is had by all. Below are some photos and a link to a YouTube vid so you get the idea!

Piper bubbles at the Fete

Piper bubbles at the Fete

Click images for larger versions.


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