Posted by: ankneredelstein | August 28, 2008

Closing up the house…

The final days of closing up the house by myself generated an interesting mix of emotions and reactions as I rushed to break down the last bedframes and mattresses into the already overcrowded attic before I had to greet the renters and meet my trains and planes. Room by room, piece by piece the house that became our cozy home in Vermont began to transform back into an empty house. No belongings, no family, no pets. It was like erasing 8 years of your history one item at a time. One memory at a time….until all was empty. Rushing to put everything away and clean the cubic acres of dustbunnies of various vintages under the missing furniture resulted in several midnight quiting times.

Humor At The End

Of course, in the rush to get everything cleaned, packed and cleared, some catastrophes must occur. The day before the renters were to arrive, I sheared the lawnmower blade in half, making it unusable. Great. I will need to beg and plead with the neighbors to see if they can get it fixed and pay them back. Sheesh. As I was finishing the washing on of the last dirty towels and my personal laundry, I discovered a very clean, very empty ball point ink pen in the washing machine after pulling out a batch of sheets and clothes. Needless to say, the ink had found its way onto some sheets and clothes….dang it. Then I noticed there was no cap to the now-empty ink pen. Hmmmmm…a load later, I heard a rattling in the washing machine. It had the distinctive sound of a small plastic object circulating inside the impeller of the water pump of the washing machine. The sound is rather disturbing and definitely not good. This is especially true since the service technician last week found a wad of polyester dogbed stuffing from the same pump impellers – which had caused it to seize up and stop pumping – which, in turn, causes a pool of tepid, yucky water to remain in the machine no matter how may times you run it.



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