Posted by: ankneredelstein | August 28, 2008

Arrival in Paris

My flight arrives a little ahead of schedule…fine by me…and I wander out of the baggage claim unfettered by any customs inspections, paperwork or questions….planes merely disgorge their passengers into the French terminal at Charles de Gaulle Airport and off they go to their rental cars, courtesy shuttles, cabs, limos and buses. Very different than entering the USA these days…

After finding the correct hotel chain shuttle (there are groups of hotels sharing logo-emblazened shuttle buses which constantly circulate between the hotels and the arrival terminals), I settle into the pseudo-trendy designed environment of the Novotel Conference and Wellness Center hotel adjacent to the airport. Quiet and clean, I navigate my room controls to get a nice hot shower, watch some 2008 Summer Olympics from Beijing, and take a little nap before heading down for a beer, some dinner and more Olympics on the big flatscreen TVs in the bar. I stay up for while, transfixed by the EuroSport channel’s coverage of the lesser-publicized Olympic sports until it’s bedtime. Quiet, relaxing and a good way to transition to the next day’s adventures.



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